Benefit Concert at the Brook

Happy March, my friends!

On this warm and sunny day in early March, with an impending blizzard due to strike at Midnight, I'm happily working remotely from one of Central New Jersey's gems:  Dukes Farms.  I'll write about this idyllic wonderland in a later post, but today, suffice it to say that I am working in a beautiful bright and warmly-lit cafe, surrounded by flowering orchids and kindred spirits.  And, I'm wrapping up a pretty neat shoot from a few weeks ago.  

Remember that surprise snow storm just a few weeks back?  Two or so inches of of fat snowflakes graced Northern Jersey in just a couple of hours, and disappeared almost as quickly as they came.  That night, I was invited to photograph one of many performances during a day-long benefit concert at the Brook Theater.  The three-song set was masterfully performed by Raritan's home grown trio: the Grasso brothers.  

A huge shout out to Lenny, Ralph, and Tommy Grasso. 

I hope you enjoy these images!