Good Donut Shop | New Jersey Food Photography

Hey, everyone!  I'm really excited this post.  These images are the product of a collaboration with Somerville, New Jersey's very own: the Good Donut Shop.  The Good Donut Shop is a mobile vendor and caterer who creates "pop-up donut shops" all around the state, at street fairs and beer fest, birthday parties and weddings.  They have a super fun product: miniature donuts fried on-location, served hot and with "elegant and unexpected toppings."  Wowzers.  They create donuts that are both brightly colored and sweet, appealing to children's tastes, as well as toppings that represent a more nuanced indulgence.  

I've had the privilege of photographing the Good Donut Shop's product on several occasions, so here I present to you a post the features a compilation of images created over the past several months.  When creating these, I used a blend of off-camera light mods and ambient directional (window) light.  Also, a handful of these images were actually created on-location at some of the Good Donut Shop's events.  

Be sure to swing by the Good Donut Shop's website and check out their calendar to see where they'll be next.