Andy and Mandy | A One Year Anniversary Photo Shoot

Hey all!  Happy Tuesday!  If you were able to stay home yesterday, I hope you were able to enjoy a relaxing and contemplative three-day weekend; and if you had to work, that you were able to reflect on the importance of equality and liberty.  

I'm very excited to introduce to you another wonderful couple:  Andy and Mandy.  Isn't that fun to say?  

Andy and Mandy invited me to take part in a celebration of their marriage by creating unique portraiture in honor of their approaching one year anniversary.  We hit the city and we had a lot of fun.  They are an inspiring couple: artists and educators, and they bring an incredible spark and life to their community.  

These images were created near the Reading Public Museum, and after dashing and dodging raindrops, under the cover of a parking garage. eventually the sky offered respite from the rain, and we were able to conclude our photoshoot on the rooftop.  

Many thanks to this lovely couple for the privilege of creating with them.